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RELEASE OF LIABILITY & HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT: I understand that the CHATTANOOGA SKI CLUB, INC. [“Club”] is a nonprofit social association operated under the laws of the State of Tennessee by volunteer officers, trip captains and board members who have no professional training in the management or organization of Club ski trips, Club events or Club activities. Based upon the fact that this is a voluntary organization whose members take on leadership positions, I release the Club, its officers, its board members, its trip captains and its members from, and agree to hold them harmless from any and all causes of action, suits, damages, claims, counterclaims, and liabilities whatsoever, both in law and equity, in connection with any Club ski trips, Club events or Club activities. I hereby further waive for myself, my heirs, executors and personal representatives any claims or rights they may have against the Club and its members for any harm, loss, personal injury whether mental or physical, or death suffered by me in connection with such Club ski trips, Club events or Club activities, including without limitation all transportation, accommodation, skiing and social activities. I acknowledge on behalf of myself and all minors of whom I am parent or legal guardian, that participation in such Club ski trips, Club events or Club activities may be potentially dangerous. I know that there are risks and dangers involved, and I hereby assume all of the risks, known and unknown, of participation therin. I also hereby agree to abide by the trip rules of the Club. I am signing this document  and granting this release and waiver to the Club and its members voluntarily.

I have read the Release of Liability & Hold Harmless Agreement of the Chattanooga Ski Club and understand and agree to its requirements.